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Drugs and friendship

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  • Drugs and friendship

    It seems like people who you would never think to end up on drugs do and friendship is to blame. They say to mind the company you keep and that you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time around in your life. I believe that. Since getting away from all those people and surrounding myself with sober people, I feel like I am not only stronger willed but more level headed.

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    This is very true what you are saying, I believe the same thing. They say that you adapt to your surroundings and even as a small child, you mimic the behavior around you. So it's not uncommon to pick up habits that your friends have, whether good or bad.


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      Hey recently we are also seeking a renowned addiction counseling Virginia center for our son. He is stressed because of his breakup and takes drugs in the situation. But we are concerned about his life so decided to get help from addiction center.


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        I went to a rehab center years ago and have never looked back.It was the best thing I have ever done to help myself .Good luck with your son, God Bless


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          Drug addiction is very bad to our life. So, we should always hate to this matter. Generally, we become drug addicted by friends. So, we should carefully selection to make friendship with anyone.