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  • Helping a friend.

    As well as my mother, I also have a friend who struggles with alcoholism. I am in his business a lot and he doesn't like that. I have called him an alcoholic a few times because he is always drinking. He is always making Facebook posts bragging about drinking every single day. It is like he is proud of it. It gets annoying and depressing to see that everyday, so I typed out a long message about it, right on his Facebook wall. Which I know I shouldn't have done, but I did it and the damage is done. Now he won't talk to me. I know calling him an alcoholic and even posting about it on his Facebook wall was not right, but at least I realize that. But I can't get him to start talking to me again. What can I do when apologies aren't enough? I just want to be there for him and try to help him.

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    I believe that you need to allow some weeks without trying to talk to him. Certainly I'm sure it wasn't your intention. Hurt him, but making him realice that drinkin in excess isn't something some has to feel proud of.
    Right now he is mad at you and since he didn't accept your apologies, every new attempt to get him talking to you keeps the fire burning.
    Give him time to calm down and stay away from him. With the pass of the days he will feel less irritated and even will miss you. You may try to regaiin his friendship then
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      It will take some time, I'm sure. He is not able to see it for himself yet. Maybe one day he will look back and thank for you the wake-up call, but it will probably not be that simple. Give him some time to let the sting go away. Be there when he needs you.


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        Hopeful. I believe even if I lose a friend by telling them the truth. I would feel much better about myself than lying to them and watching them die in front of me. So your party told him and he refuses to listen so either you have to put up with him or maybe you need to disengage a little bit???


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          Thank you, you guys. I am hoping that after he has had a few days to cool down, he will start to forgive me. I know I need to get off his back a little bit, but I just don't like to see the people I care about hurt themselves.


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            Thanks a lot for nice discussion here. We should always help friends. When a friend wants to help, please help them. It makes you more happy to every life.