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Motivation is overrated

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  • Motivation is overrated

    Motivation fades. It leaves you when you most need it. When things are great in your life you have motivation flowing out of your pores. But when life happens, motivation sneaks away. Leaving you defeated, not understanding why you aren't motivated anymore. The solution is simple: don't rely on motivation! Create habits. For example: you want to work out more. In stead of relying on motivation to get you out of the door, you block time in your calendar and tell yourself to work out at those times. Even if it's just for 5 minutes. And sure, sometimes you'll just work out for 5 minutes, but most of the time you'll go on, because you're there anyway. It's about creating a habit, not relying on motivation.

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    Motivation in some cases is a lot like lust. It is great in the beginning when it is new but over time, it fades and you either accept that or find yourself in a cycle of built up and let down.