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I don't believe my mother...

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  • I don't believe my mother...

    I don't trust her. I don't believe her. I have had issues with her my whole life. She was verbally abusive, made me feel worthless at times. I felt like I was never good enough. She held my brother over my head and made such a big deal about him. He was "the golden child". I think this is why I have struggled with relationships with women. Anyone else have this issue with a parent or both parents?

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    With women, I can see why. I know personally I have had issues with both my parents. I don't know how to function without having someone close to me. So when I am in a relationship, I smother the person I am with. I want to be with them as much as I can and I know most people don't like that behavior.


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      Parents are humans just like anyone else. And unfortunately there are bad parents too It doesn't mean your mother doesn't love you. It just means she doesn't know how else to express it. It sounds like she wants you to behave a certain way, but doesn't go around it the right way. If you think she's open to it you can try talking to her. But remember you can't change her, you can just change your reaction to her.
      I saw this clip a while ago, maybe it can help you a little:


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        I know what this is as like and it is okay to no trust her. You just need to learn to put up walls and not share everything with her. Allow her to earn your trust if she wants more details about yourself and your life.